Main occupation

The company DANIVO deals with:

- Rice production factory
- Production and processing of rice and other cereals
- Production and processing of seeds
- Packaging of rice, beans, lentils and wheat





The company DANIVO dooel has existed since 2000. It is engaged in production and processing of rice and other grains as well as reprocessing and production of seeding material. DANIVO cultivates 123 ha of state land under concession in accordance with the Concession Agreement for a period of 30 years.

The Company produces rice on an area of 70 ha and it is one of the biggest producers of paddy rice in Macedonia. Annual production of paddy rice is about 455,000 kg, from which we obtain 250,000 kg white rice. In addition to its own production DANIVO purchases 6,500,000 kg paddy rice annually from individual farmers processing it in the plant located in Gorni Polog near Kocani. The plant capacity is 600,000 kg paddy rice monthly and it employs well trained and professional workers.



As of rice farming to production DANIVO pays special care to protection from pollution, which is one of the conditions for obtaining environmental nourishing products. DANIVO possesses modern land farming mechanization and warehouse for storing paddy and white rice. Moreover we are in disposal of vehicle fleet for distribution of finished products.

DANIVO, on annual level, distributes 600,000 kg white rice in the domestic market and about 1,500,000 kg white rice in foreign markets. The Company is also recognized in the markets in Serbia, Turkey and Montenegro, and activities related to exportation in some member-states of the European Union are ongoing.



DANIVO dooel cooperates with over 1000 subcontractors from Kocani region and with individual farmer rice producers from Vinica, Veles and Negotino region. In addition to purchase DANIVO transports paddy rice from individual farmers’ storages to the rice plant in Gorni Polog.

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Street: St. Nikola Zafirov 27,
Podlog Village, 2300 Kochani, Macedonia
City: Kochani
Country: Macedonia

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Ane Eftimov