Main occupation

R.O.G. - Deals with:

- Production of building materials for finishing works in building construction
- Wholesale and retail with: llet tables, paint, construction adhesives, finishes, wallpaper glue, paints and coatings,
tools and other materials for finishing works in construction.

Interested in cooperation with:

Construction companies, painting companies, traders with building materials, paints and varnishes



The company ROG was founded in January 1993, and in its more than twenty five years of existence has managed to build an image of market recognition, primarily due to the high quality of the products that we produce.

The main activity of our company is production of building materials for finishing works in construction, and wholesale and retail of: glazing, polycolors, substrates, adhesives, tile and facade adhesives, wallpaper adhesives, paints and varnishes, tiles, insulating materials, cement, hydraulic binder usjemal, machine plasters, separated sand, gravel, tools and other materials for the construction industry. Our company is also involved in performing painting services.



ROG PADS - Surface impregnation for lime, cement, extended mortar, as well as on porous surface

ROG GV GLET - Leveling compound for roughly plastered inner surfaces up to 0.6 mm in size

ROG CONNECTION SN - Waterproof additive designed to improve the physical properties and adhesion of concrete and mortar. Used in the manufacture of floors, screed, concrete and mortar repairs, to improve the adhesion of the mortar to the ceramic tile, to make preparations when laying cement mixtures.

ROG TAPETOL - Wallpaper adhesive, paper

ROG POLYGLET V - Glazed mass, leveling compound for indoor surfaces

ROG RADIKOL - Gypsum casting adhesive, adhesion angles, adhesion gypsum adhesives and decorations

ROG white cement

ROG POLYGLET - Facade smoothing leveling compound (refining) of facade, concrete and plastered surfaces

ROG GYPSET GLET - Leveling coarse concrete wall and ceiling surfaces, siporex

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Street: St. Makedonsko-kosovska brigada 87 b,
1000 Skopje, Macedonia
City: Skopje
Country: Macedonia

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